GPS Bluetooth

GPS Bluetooth

We all know that Bluetooth is a feature that allows wireless connectivity with other compatible devices but over a small distance. We all also know that a GPS DVD car radio is a navigation system that allows you to know your exact location and give you easy directions to your desired location.

So what is it that makes these two compatible with each other and how can they be used together? The answer lies in the connectivity that they establish between your car’s GPS and your cell phone’s Bluetooth.


Setting up a GPS Bluetooth connection is pretty easy. Once you have changed the setting of your phone’s Bluetooth to be visible to all devices and the GPS system finds it, you can set up the connection between the two by pairing them together. You can set up the other settings according to your requirements.

What it offers

When connected with your Bluetooth, your car’s autoradio GPS will act as a hands-free device. This feature has been installed in cars’ GPS systems to ensure the safety of a driver. When a call comes, the driver can easily receive it from the system. If the phone is kept far away or is difficult to take out, it becomes unsafe for a person to try to reach it and answer it. But with Bluetooth connectivity, the information of the caller is displayed on the screen from where you can also answer the phone.

The speaker inside the navigation system catches the incoming sound and broadcasts it out, allowing you to hear the voice of the caller easily. When you respond to the caller, the microphone inside the system catches it and transmits it back to the caller.

Through this connectivity, you can even dial any other number present in your contact list. If you would like to search for a different place such as a spa, a money web service, a restaurant and book an appointment, all you have to do is give instructions to the GPS system that will make the call for you via the Bluetooth connectivity.


The problem with this type of connectivity is that as the microphone is not near your mouth, the sound received by the other person may not be as clear. It might be echoed or may become muffled. There are times that the quality of sound you hear may not be as clear either and may come out muffled.

There will be times that the GPS does not understand clearly the name or word that you said, so you would have to speak to it closer and slower. Many times, it has happened that you many even need to repeat the word a few times before the GPS picks it up.


Not every GPS system will be able to connect with all phone types. Before buying, it would be a good idea to check whether it is compatible with your phone or not. The claims made by the manufacturer may not be true all the time. Most manufacturers only test on phones that are the most popular, and many others are left out. It is due to this that many phones are not able to connect with the GPS system while others are.