Car stereo Bluetooth

What happens when your Car stereo Bluetooth does not work?

A Car stereo Bluetooth is an essential equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of the driver is the passenger during a trip or a trip by car. Like any device, this kind of device may be subject to some malfunctions. www china car gps com will help you find solutions when your Bluetooth Car stereo does not work properly.

he sources of the problems of a Car stereo Bluetooth that does not start

The DVD car radio does not work properly when there is a problem in one of the power sources or in rooms where power is flowing. Cabling is one of the problems that can cause a stereo to fail.

Indeed, the radio is connected to the power source and the speakers via wires that are mainly under the dashboard. If there is a problem in the wiring, the radio will certainly not work.

Second, car radios use fuses to prevent damage from surges. If the fuse blows, the audio circuit of the car is turned off and the radio cannot turn on. The other cause of non-operation of car stereo Bluetooth could be a problem of power supply or grounding.

What are the possible symptoms?

There are various possible symptoms when talking about a auto radio Bluetooth that does not work. Each problem has a suitable source.

The radio does not turn on: it is a wiring problem or a blown fuse

The radio runs at irregular intervals: there is a problem with the power supply or the earthing.

The car stereo Bluetooth screen and sound turn on and off at the same time: the main unit may not be powerful enough.

The radio turns off when passing a corner or a bump: a connector on the back of the unit is loose.

What to do when car stereo Bluetooth does not work?

Check if the fuse is blown using a Multimeter Digital. First make sure the system Android GPS Bluetooth is powered off. After setting your meter to ohms, touch the metal fuse caps with the tester’s test leads and check if a reading is recorded or not. If the meter displays a reading, the fuse is not blown.

Also check for any wiring and grounding problems. If the ground connection is loose or rusty, it must be attached for your car stereo Bluetooth to work properly.

The newly installed main unit of car stereo Bluetooth is not powered

If you discover that there are power outages in your recently installed car stereo Bluetooth, it is highly likely that the main unit will not receive the necessary power. The other source of the problem is the switch from the amplifier to the protection mode.

There are two explanations for this, according to the web agency. Firstly, the power generated by the alternator is too much for the amplifier and the amplifier protects itself from possible damage. Secondly, the battery is unable to provide a constant voltage to the audio system.

The most common symptom of this problem is that your car GPS autoradio Bluetooth turns off and turns on after a while.

When there is no power problem

Use a voltmeter to check if the power lead is sending 12V to the car stereo Bluetooth. If this is the case, the problem comes from the main unit. If this is not the case, the feed film should be changed. Some fuses may also be burned out and must be replaced. Also check the battery. It may need to be replaced.