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  • TOYOTA NEW PRADO/16:9 hd touch screen LCD should

    Model:  [CCRS12-TOYEP]

    Weight:  [5.5Kg]

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    Our Price: $308.00  

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     ◆ Original car is absolutely original style appearance

     ◆ Smart touch operation (new UI interface)

     ◆ customize the interface drag and drop

     ◆ Built-in CMMB digital TV receiver (optional)

     ◆ the original vehicle direction control (CANBUS)

    16:9 hd touch screen LCD should  
    DBV should support the built-in-T/T ISDB-digital television (optional)  
    The car should support control functions (CANBUS steering wheel)  
    Support should play DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 / WMA/JPG/MPEG4 (AVI, DIVX) formats such as CDS  
    Resolution: 800 x480xRGB pixels, baud rate: 4800 port: 2  
    Built-in GPS system should precise touch the operation  
    Super mechanical and electronic should earthquake seismic double system  
    Should support USB and SD/TF card play function  
    QianHouTai should support work mode  
    Should support after backing up visual function  
    Should high sensitivity FM/AM receiving  
    Should support bt phone, bluetooth (A2DP) play function  
    Should support IPOD playing

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