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  • Audi A4 DVD Navigation/Sharp high definition digital screen/Full ipod control/Bluetooth /TPMS optional

    Model:  [AUDI A4]

    Weight:  [4.8Kg]

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    3 reviews

    Our Price: $460.00  

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    『 Installation』

    『 Main features』
    •  ◆7" HD Monitor(800*480 Pixel),ARM11
    •  ◆Touch Screen with Graphic OSD Display,3D interface.
    •  ◆Supporting DVD/DivX/MP4/VCD/SVCD/SD/USB/IPOD
    •  ◆Supporting Digital TV,With Remote control function.
    •  ◆45W&Times,4 high power output
    •  ◆Supporting 5.1 audiotrack,bass output,sound effect and fader.
    •  ◆Audio & Video Signal Output and background Output,AUXIN input
    •  ◆Car Camera in.
    •  ◆Built in GPS(Can Bus Control),Supporting 3D map,8G-USB.
    •  ◆Built in Virtual 8 Disc Exchanger.
    •  ◆Picture in Picture,Time to be automatic synchronization function 
    •  ◆Supporting amplifier of the original car.
    •  Theme background free switch.
    •  ◆Slim inhaled DVD microchip,Sharp Lens.


    『GPS console』

    Lastest GPS console. You can set up the path of GPS map by yourselves, view the GPS monitor, watch video, listen to music, and read e-book.  Support all maps that work on windows CE 5.0 O/S, we have tested Route 66, iGo8, Polnav, etc. We recommend you always try demo before buying.

    『Extraordinary Audio』

    Optimizing audio settings include Classical, popular, jazz and rock. These settings can greatly enhance the enjoyment of your favorite music.
    EQ settings are good not only for CD, but for DVD, USB, radio, and iPod.
     It converts the signal from an analog to digital form, by using an analog to digital converter with the application-specific integrated circuit. It is the true application of audio signal being digitized since the signal is processed and transmitted digitally. The application of the technology has greatly facilitated the progress in in-car audio digital signal processing. As a result, building a mobile music studio is no longer a dream for each car owner.

    『HD Video』
     480*234 analog screen   Common 800*480 digital screen
     Resolution of this unit

    Floating button control, fashionable and easy to tap.
       Adjustment of contrast,brightness,color and hue.

    『DVD Player』

     Main menu   DVD menu
     CD menu


     Built-in hands free Bluetooth module
    Allows switching between hands free Bluetooth microphone and your handheld to protect privacy.
    With a easy-to-install microphone, the phone quality is even better.
    Echo control

    『Ipod control』

    Compatible with most generations. Click here to view the compatible list.  Powerful search function, search by artists,tracks,albums,playlist.
    Name of the song storage in the IPOD can be showed in the screen, the same to play state, time ect., all the items IPOD showin.


    The built-in AM/FM tuner supports auto-search, storage, frequency display, timber and sensitive adjust.
    Touch one Frequency for a fast choose . It's a pity that this unit does not support RDS
     FM1 control interface
    FM1 control interface

    『U-disk Interface』

    support catalog browsing;
    Support AVI、MPG、MP3 ect and picture browsing (lantern slide format).
     Enter the USB interface, you can see each file of U-disk (support Chinese and English display); When touching, the floating buttons will appear, the operation is similar with DVD play.
    Choose one file and touch OK, enter this file. Select related info and press confirm to open folders. View contents and select file to run or browse.


    Turn on the function of Brake Inspection, the video image only display in the brake estate. This function forbids watching as driving and makes sure driving safe. If copilot need watch the image in driving, turn off this function in SETUP option. In the night mode, auto-checking the status of car light, if the light is on, the backlight of shortcut keys will turn on automatically. It has a same effect with the original indicator light.
    there are more setting, such as backseat entertainment setting, special button on the wheel, reverse camera.

    『Human Functions』

    TPMS is optional function, which allows you the watch the tempreture of your tires to keep safe driving.  If you have installed headrest monitors, or flipdown monitors, your passengers on the backseat can enjoy movie while you are navigating.
    Turn off the IPO function in the option of SETUP in the main menu, and the IPOD option changes into AUX. in this estate, you can connect MP3、MP4 and enjoy music and film

    Introduction of Add-ons
    Parking radar
    Completely compatiable with this unit. You can view the distance between your car and obstacles on the screen of the head unit. You'd better add a reverse camera.
    License plate reverse camera
    You don't have to make holes on your car, just put the camera onto the license plate, and connect the AV wires with the unit, then you can see the rear circumstances. You can also browse our reverse camera section to choose other types of camera.
    Radio Antenna
    If your original antenna is square plug rather than round one, you will have to add this round plug antenna to receive radio antenna. There are only a few cars in some countries have square radio antenna plug.
    Product Reviews for :  (Audi A4 DVD Navigation/Sharp high definition digital screen/Full ipod control/Bluetooth /TPMS optional)
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    Date Added :03/27/2010

    by Erwin Niesner

    I have this unit for about 4 days now and so far it works like a charm.I like the many options that you have on it and the exterior attention that was given to detailing(no gap,same color,chrome).It is a nice unit and I would by it again if I have to.For more info go to you tube and type"Audi A4- FlyAudio All-in-One GPS -7531 Navi -Presentation 1 " Thank you Kevin P.S.Fast shipping-2 days from China to Canada(oauuuu)

    Date Added :03/02/2010

    by luries Corisis

    Fit my Audi A4 perfectly without any gap! Really like you guys said, this is a world famous brand. But I will keep it a secret!OlO

    Date Added :01/09/2010


    In that product where is located the card slot in front or at the back of the unit? The photos are not detailed... [Answer] Locate on the front panel. Please send mail to service@foxsense.com to consult. This for product reviews only.

    Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)

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